Most energy efficient (home) setup

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at
Tue Apr 17 20:05:26 CDT 2012

Jimmy Hess wrote:
> Consider that the probability 16GB of SDRAM experiences at least one
> single bit error at sea level,
> in a given 6 hour period exceeds  66%  = 1 - (1 - 1.3e-12 * 6)^(16 *
> 2^30 * 8).    In any given 24 hour period, the probability of at least
> one single bit error  exceeds 98%.    Assuming the memory is good and
> functioning correctly;

> application in the effected space,  and  moderately important data is
> being damaged
> well,   that's just plain uncool

Having limited knowledge of which consumer devices support ECC memory 
and which don't I was pleasantly surprised to find out the always on IBM 
thinkpad I ran for years refused to work with non-ECC memory.


Earthquake Magnitude: 6.2
Date: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 19:03:55 UTC
Location: east of the South Sandwich Islands
Latitude: -59.0988; Longitude: -16.6928
Depth: 1.00 km

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