Automatic IPv6 due to broadcast

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Tue Apr 17 04:21:54 CDT 2012

Op 17-4-2012 10:33, Carlos Martinez-Cagnazzo schreef:
> IMO it's much easier to disable one rogue than to disable IPv6 on the
> whole network. That is if you can find it, but with some proper
> tcpdumping and/or CLI commands (depending on the switches that you have)
> it should be relatively easy.

Even better, the IPv6 gateway you got assigned is based on the MAC 
address. That means you can also find what brand of device is advertising.

You can most likely find which IPv4 address the MAC corresponds too as 
well. Was that so hard?

> Not to mention that, as pointed by others, this provides a wonderful
> opportunity to look into this new (*grin*) protocol.


> Cheers!
> ~Carlos



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