Automatic IPv6 due to broadcast

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Mon Apr 16 13:43:30 CDT 2012

Hi Anurag,

Op 16 apr 2012, om 20:09 heeft Anurag Bhatia het volgende geschreven:

> Hello everyone


> I wonder if anyone else also had similar issues? Also, if my guesses are
> correct then how can we disable Red Hat distro oriented servers from taking
> such automated configuration - simple DHCP in IPv6 disable?

Instead of disabling IPv6 on all the nodes in question you might be better off switching off Router Advertisements and investing a little bit of your time into what this IPv6 thing is.

Something on your network is advertising itself as the router, I suggest looking at it now, it won't magically fix itself.

If what is advertising itself as a IPv6 router is not the right device, disable. And while you are at it, setup one of which you know it is supposed to be one. It's really not all that hard anymore.

And as I discovered a few days ago, I can't access from my IPv6 only connection, which is a problem for software development. And for those wondering, the circuit is brand new, and no, it really doesn't have any IPv4.

Good thing that Google works though, and the website of my local Grocery store does too.



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