Most energy efficient (home) setup

Joe Greco jgreco at
Sun Apr 15 21:15:29 CDT 2012

> In a past role, I did spend the time grepping through such a properly 
> configured cluster, with tens of thousands of nodes, looking for failing
> hardware.   I should have done a proper paper with statistics, but
> I did not.   The vast majority of servers had zero correctable ecc errors,
> while a few had a lot, which is consistent with the theory that ECC errors
> are more often caused by bad ram.    

I'd have to say that that's been the experience here as well, ECC is
great, yes, but it just doesn't seem to be something that is "absolutely
vital" on an ongoing basis, as some of the other posters here have
implied, to correct the constant bit errors that are(n't) showing up.

Maybe I'll get bored one of these days and find some devtools to stick
on one of the Macs.

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