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On Sun, 15 Apr 2012 01:46:29 -0500, Joe Greco said:

> Since we don't hear about Mac mini server users screaming about how
> their servers are constantly crashing, the severity and frequency of

Googling for 'mac mini server crash' gets about 11.6M hits.  I gave up after
10 pages of results, but up till that point most did in fact seem to be about
crashes on Mac mini servers (the mail you replied to was on page 8 at
the time).

> memory corruption events may not be anywhere near what you suggest.

"the severity and frequency of *noticed* memory corruption events".


(Keep in mind that if the box doesn't have ECC or at least parity, you *won't
know* you had a bit fllip until you dereference that memory location. At which
point if you're *lucky* you'll get a random crash that forces ou to reboot right
away.  If you're unlucky, you won't notice till you try to re-mount the disks after
a reboot 2-3 months later....)
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