IPv6 support via Charter | Ideas on BGP Tunnel via HE

Seth Mos seth.mos at dds.nl
Wed Apr 11 14:34:31 CDT 2012


Op 11 apr 2012, om 20:16 heeft Anurag Bhatia het volgende geschreven:

> Also, does it makes sense to go for BGP Tunnel for now? I just setup IPv6
> Tunnel via Hurricane Electric. Latency seems pretty much OK ~ 10-15ms of
> overhead. Yet to test other parameters. I heard Tunnels are usually bad.
> Can someone tell how to test this tunnel setup to confirm if there is a
> performance issue or not? I am thinking of writing a quick bash script and
> run via cron to test latency, packet loss and bandwidth throughput for
> couple of days. If anyone has better idea, please let me know.

Also using a HE.net BGP tunnel for our IPv6, simply because having just 1 native provider with Ipv6 isn't redundant. That and it's 8mbit.

The v4 connection which the tunnel connects over is 90mbit, and the tunnel needs to travel from NL to DE for the FRA BGP peering.

I'm getting about 40mbit through the IPv6 tunnel, so i'd say it works well, although the throughput has slowly been dropping to the 30's range over the last 6 months. But that's probably because of the latency.

For something that is provided for free I'm really glad we have it.

I should have peered with their UK PoP as it's much closer by latency, thus faster.



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