IPv6 support via Charter | Ideas on BGP Tunnel via HE

Anurag Bhatia me at anuragbhatia.com
Wed Apr 11 13:16:28 CDT 2012


Does anyone here has clues on IPv6 support via Charter? We recently got BGP
up on the connection and they denied for IPv6 support for now. Support
engineer gave expected time of something like end of year which seems very
late as per our plans.

Is situation same for everyone who sits in downstream of Charter?

Also, does it makes sense to go for BGP Tunnel for now? I just setup IPv6
Tunnel via Hurricane Electric. Latency seems pretty much OK ~ 10-15ms of
overhead. Yet to test other parameters. I heard Tunnels are usually bad.
Can someone tell how to test this tunnel setup to confirm if there is a
performance issue or not? I am thinking of writing a quick bash script and
run via cron to test latency, packet loss and bandwidth throughput for
couple of days. If anyone has better idea, please let me know.



Anurag Bhatia
or simply - http://[2001:470:26:78f::5] if you are on IPv6 connected

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