Cheap Juniper Gear for Lab

Leigh Porter leigh.porter at
Wed Apr 11 01:35:32 CDT 2012

On 11 Apr 2012, at 02:34, "Owen DeLong" <owen at> wrote:.
>> Don't let the "mpls" keyword throw you off.  This actually causes the
>> box to run the inet /and/ mpls address families in packet mode.
> I'm not unfamiliar or uninitiated in this regard. I had tickets with Juniper for
> over a year and it escalated quite high up their escalation chain before they
> finally admitted "Yeah, Services JunOS is different and it behaves differently
> and if you need to do what you're trying to do, you should buy an M or MX
> series."
> It's quite unfortunate. I'd really like for the SRX series to not be so crippled for
> my purposes.

Do you have an example of this crippledness?


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