AMS-IX for local loop

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Tue Apr 10 14:11:16 CDT 2012

Apologies for the list noise. 

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I just checked.  It was uploaded.    The database was backed up with version
10.50.1600 (SQL Server 2008R2) and this is running 10.00.5500 (SQL Server
2008) and reporting an error.  I'll have to reload the server version before
I can import that db.

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Shacolby Jackson <shacolby <at>> writes:

> I know this is a bit off topic since Amsterdam isn't exactly in North 
> America but... Has anyone used AMS-IX for a private interconnect from 
> one datacenter to another to avoid a classic local loop to another 
> party or provider? For example, I'm in Equinix but might want to 
> connect directly to someone at Interxion.
> -shac

Hello Shac,

Yes. Please see


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