The day SORBS goes away ...

Dan White dwhite at
Mon Apr 9 12:05:15 CDT 2012

On 04/09/12 09:50 -0700, Brian Keefer wrote:
>On Apr 7, 2012, at 4:41 PM, TR Shaw wrote:
>> As for SORBS, most competent mail admins dropped its use a long time
>> ago. I thought when Proofpoint took it over things would change (I
>> actually thought they would dump the SORBS name because of bad karma)
>> but it hasn't happened.
>Out of curiosity, has anyone other than the OP and one other gentlemen on
>the 4th had a serious issue? Do we know whether the issues from the 4th
>have been resolved? I'm wondering whether this is a chronic issue, or if
>folks are just extrapolating from one complaint.
>I looked back through the archives for the last year and the only other
>SORBS mentions were in July and August of last year.

I've had nothing but sore issues with SORBS and getting removed from
whatever black list was getting us blocked by participating mail systems.

Our ARIN allocation is:

and SORBS had us listed within a larger black listed range, like the
containing /12. It took us weeks to be removed from that range (or to have
an exception added). This was probably a couple of years ago, or early last

Dan White

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