The day SORBS goes away ...

TR Shaw tshaw at
Sat Apr 7 18:41:07 CDT 2012

On Apr 7, 2012, at 6:35 PM, Barry Shein wrote:

> Something I'm considering is just limiting the max size of an email
> from Yahoo severely, enough to say "I've changed my address from yahoo
> to _______".
> We get pounded day and night with multimegabyte (per each) spam emails
> from them.
> Yahoo isn't the only one but the most frequent.

As for Yahoo, the problem will probably go away on its own over time. The problem with companies that are in questionable/bad financial shape is that they defund many activities that do not seem important but actually are. These, such as abuse handling, will actually cause them to increase their spiral down by causing more customers away.

Another item of interest is that Yahoo says they will only accept ARF (RFC-5965) reports to "[email protected]"  However, they reject all ARF abuse reports just like the plain text ones. So much for standards support....

As an aside, one can not/will not/may not block all their mailservers but I would suggest blocking all mail that contains their shortener,  It is highly abused and they don't respond to abuse reports on it either.

Its a real shame that the original high quality search engine/company that everyone aspired to be on has fallen so far both financially and in quality.

As for SORBS, most competent mail admins dropped its use a long time ago. I thought when Proofpoint took it over things would change (I actually thought they would dump the SORBS name because of bad karma) but it hasn't happened.

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