DNS noise

Joe St Sauver joe at oregon.uoregon.edu
Fri Apr 6 14:27:57 CDT 2012

Jimmy commented:

#The underlying problem is that "BCP38" is not really a "best common practice",
#despite the name of the series.
#It's really a  "Best Uncommon Practice  that really ought to be more common",
#but we can't control operators and force them to make it more common.
#Lots of networks don't and will not ever implement BCP38;  BCP38 is not being
#more widely implemented,  and there's no obvious action that will
#force it to change.

Check out the MIT Spoofer Project (http://spoofer.csail.mit.edu/summary.php) 

BCP38 anti-spoofing filtering is more common than you might think (on the
order of 80% of {netblocks, IPs, ASNs} filter as of October 2011)



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