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On 4/6/12 9:49 AM, George Herbert wrote:
> This seems like a very 1999 anti-spam attitude.
> I have been doing anti-spam a long long time - literally since before
> Canter and Siegel (who I had as customers...) and
> beforejj at
> It's not 1999 anymore. Patrick is not the enemy. Your attitude is
> worrying. The "I am not responsible for who uses the blacklist or
> what that means" isn't good enough anymore.

I know he's not the enemy.  Hate the idea that he would be.

The only reason why I responded the way I did, was because I sit here, 
watching everyone talk about how SORBS is bad this, how they are bad 
that, how they need to change this, and how they need to change how they 
operate to their guidelines, not SORBS's guidelines.

Its not directed at Patrick.  I just got the feeling like he was saying 
its okay for these people to dictate how SORBS operates.

Like its been said, DNSbl's have a right to run as they see fit, and 
handle removals as they see fit.  Just like every ISP has the right to 
run their network as they see fit, and refuse to remove spamming 
customers and deal with network abuse.

I've been working on variations of the AHBL since 1998 or so under 
different names, so if I seem 'old school' in my beliefs how the DNSbl 
is run, that's probably why.

Reality is, people use a DNSbl how they see fit.  I can't really control 
that without restricting access, requiring payments or registration, 
etc.  I gave up years ago trying to tell people how not to use it, since 
noone actually listens.

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