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That is again, not true.

Senderbase's listings don't correlate to any public information so it's pretty much impossible to pro-actively protect ourselves from having our IPs set to poor.

I.e. when Senderbase assigns IPs to poor, those same IPs aren't listed on any RBLs or anything.

They operate in a vacuum where there is no visibility into why they do anything. Unlike organizations like Spamhaus where you know exactly why IPs are listed.


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On Fri, 06 Apr 2012 07:31:47 -0400, Drew Weaver said:
> That's just not true, we would much rather be notified of something 
> that a reputation list finds objectionable and take it down ourselves 
> than have Senderbase set a poor reputation on dozens of IaaS customers.

If it was industry-wide standard practice that just notifying a provider resulted in something being done, we'd not need things like Senderbase, which is after all basically a list of people who don't take action when notified...

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