SIP Carrier Consolidation

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Thu Apr 5 12:44:22 CDT 2012

"SIP trunking consolidation" is buzzword heavy and context-light.

What problem are you trying to solve and at what scale?  Do you have a
requirement to have the provider be a traditional TDM-based
organization or is an aggregator sufficient?  How price-sensitive are

At fairly small scale (10 DIDs including some 877 numbers, feeding to
Asterisk) I've had fine luck with

But your requirements may vary...


Elijah Savage <esavage at> writes:

> Anyone here that have gone through the process of SIP trunking consolidation care to comment offline on
> Whom do you utilize?
> What has been your experience operationally?
> What was your experience during transition/implementation?
> Thank you ahead of time.

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