Sam Oduor sam.oduor at
Thu Apr 5 06:55:32 CDT 2012

Some of the IP's I manage got blacklisted and its true they were spamming
and Sorbs had a very valid reason for blacklisting them.

I got this response response from sorbs after resolving the problem
amicably. Sorbs responded well on time.

*Your request appear to have been resolved. If you have any
further questions or concerns, please respond to this message.

Please note:

If your IP address has been delisted (marked as 'Inactive'), it will
take up to 2 hours to get from the database to all the SORBS DNS
servers.  Changes to the database are exported to the DNS zone files
periodically, not immediately after every change.  Furthermore, after
the updated database contents have been exported to the DNS zone
files, it will then take up to 48 hours for the outdated DNS
information to be removed from DNS caches around the world - none
of these are in SORBS' control.

Please do not reply to this call with problems not related to
this ticket or your request will be ignored.

*On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 10:53 PM, Chris Conn <cconn at> wrote:
> *Hello,
> Is anyone from SORBS still listening?   We have a few IP addresses here
> and there that are listed, one in particular that has been for a spam
> incident from over a year ago.  The "last spam" date is 03/05/2011
> according to their lookup tools.* *
> We don't have access to their Net Manager even if our ARIN POC corresponds
> to the account on their system we opened a while ago.  We use their ISP
> feedback form and never get any responses back.* *
> Is SORBS still relevant and functional?* *
> Sincerely,*
> Chris Conn

Samson Oduor

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