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Wed Apr 4 16:27:10 CDT 2012


     We had an issue with one of our old subnets which was used as a 
pool for dynamic dial-up in the past, which we now use for virtual hosting.

     It took a few me a few hours but I was able to get it removed from 
the DUHL list.
     ( And a few walk around the block to calm me down after dealing 
with their robot =D ).

     As for being removed from their SPAM RBL that might be another story..

     Actually knowing Chris, and his outfit, that 18k request seems 
unwarranted :(

     As for SORBS, they have a ticket system at which use the same username/password as  You can follow up there with your ticket #, 
if their robot is being a bit too fascist.
     ( ecarbonel was the guy that help us in our case )

     PS: The ticketing system is not that fast, so be patient.

     /wave Chris

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On 04/04/12 16:55, Landon Stewart wrote:
> On 4 April 2012 12:53, Chris Conn<cconn at>  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is anyone from SORBS still listening?   We have a few IP addresses here
>> and there that are listed, one in particular that has been for a spam
>> incident from over a year ago.  The "last spam" date is 03/05/2011
>> according to their lookup tools.
>> We don't have access to their Net Manager even if our ARIN POC corresponds
>> to the account on their system we opened a while ago.  We use their ISP
>> feedback form and never get any responses back.
>> Is SORBS still relevant and functional?
> I've been trying to login to their 'support' interface for a while now.
>   Emails from them for creating a new account or trying to recover a
> password for an existing account don't actually come to me.  I actually
> wrote Girish from the company that purchased SORBS (Proofpoint) about it
> (also CC'd here) and I have had no reply whatsoever either.
> I think we should all just NULL ROUTE all of their IP space on our borders
> to get their attention.
> Regards,
> Landon

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