uunet ends newsfeed/newsreader in US

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at mompl.net
Mon Apr 2 20:00:19 CDT 2012

C. A. Fillekes wrote:
> I do not think that the closing of a service that's undergone multiple
> acquisitions by actual competitors is at all surprising.  Did the
> closing of Alta Vista a couple years ago after its acquisition by
> Yahoo! spell the death of internet search?  No.

Well, it's a bit hard to kill off internet searching. Because looking 
for stuff is pretty much everyone's main "raisin d'etre". It's not like 
you can replace searching with something else. You can replace email 
with another form of communication, but searching is searching...

Since quite a number of years altavista.com searches are just submitted 
to search.yahoo.com and some time ago I noticed on yahoo's site the 
words "powered by bing". Does that mean yahoo's search engine has been 
abolished also and is being ran by microsoft (technology)?

In that case the two main search engines of the 90s are dead. Nobody 
missed them though...


Earthquake Magnitude: 6.3
Date: Monday, April  2, 2012 17:36:43 UTC
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico
Latitude: 16.4769; Longitude: -98.2867
Depth: 12.30 km

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