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What published specs have you seen on the airFiber latency? I asked one of the UBNT guys and they said it's microsecond. On any network I've managed, anything sub 1ms is acceptable.


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We actually have a lot of the old gigabeam radios in service, they are faster than the published specs of the airfiber links (1G full duplex vs 750 mbit/sec fd) and lower latency due to their very simplistic design.     To be honest, from a network engineering standpoint, the gigabeams were conveninet as path issues would show up as ethernet errors that can be used to trigger reroutes or other events.    That being said, we did not have a large variety of switches as the microwave side of our house is made up entirely of just a couple of cisco models.    The gigabeams also have a pure OOB management setup.


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