Brandon Kim at
Fri Sep 30 22:24:10 UTC 2011

Good question, we do not use manageengine for NMS and I have no desire to use them either.
I tried their NMS platform last year and it was "ok", the interface just seemed a little clunky....

Setting up ManageEngine syslog was a breeze and now we get alerts based on what kind of messages
we want, it's pretty hands off, I'm sure you could fine tune it further...

But I hear that solarwinds NPM has syslog built into it, so I'm thinking of going with one product that covers
it all....

> Subject: Re: events
> From: jason at
> Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 14:21:38 -0400
> To: nanog at
> On 2011-09-30, at 2:13 PM, Brandon Kim wrote:
> > I've been happy with my basic ManageEngine's syslog, but I may be looking at Solarwinds too...
> I've just installed the Splunk eval myself, but I'm curious about your ManageEngine experiences.  I don't have any interest in using ManageEngine as an NMS; I have a couple of tools that I use for that already.  Can you use ManageEngine's syslog without having to set it up to monitor all of your devices first?  Have you looked at the TRAP support in ManageEngine?

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