facebook spying on us?

Steven G. Huter sghuter at nsrc.org
Fri Sep 30 22:19:36 UTC 2011

>> I can't tell you the kind of servers, but I can say that I was
>> recently in Prineville, OR, where FB is building a data center (and a
>> second data center). I was used to the ol data centers - you know,
>> where there's raised floors, cabinets, cool air, a guard and a few
>> guys around with some screens?
>> But this was massive. I was amazed at the size - a few city blocks
>> long and a city block wide, with a transformer and power line the
>> size of a small city. I wonder if the Feds were involved.
> the bonneville power administration.

hey joelja

this August 2011 article in the Economist outlines some relevant info
about the prineville, oregon FB datacenter.



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