Cisco 7600 PFC3B(XL) and IPv6 packets with fragmentation header

Saku Ytti saku at
Fri Sep 30 10:02:57 UTC 2011

On (2011-09-30 01:55 -0400), Christopher Morrow wrote:
> when will vendors learn that punting to the RE/RP/smarts for packets
> in the fastpath is ... not just 'unwise' but wholesale stupid? :(

What to do with IP options or IPv6 hop-by-hop options? What to do with IPv6
packets which contain options which push TCP/UDP past your lookup view?

Punting transit is not only not stupid but also necessary in hardware routers
which cannot handle every case in hardware (which is all routers).
There should just be adequate way to limit these and there should exist default


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