Environmental monitoring options

Eric Stockwell eric at opticfusion.net
Tue Sep 27 23:11:18 UTC 2011

We use both the ITWatchDogs MiniGoose and the NTI EnviroMux. Both 
provide similar feature sets,  but the MiniGoose has a nicer web 
interface and is less expensive.

Eric Stockwell
Optic Fusion

On 09/27/2011 07:05 AM, eric clark wrote:
> I'd like to ask the list what products people are using to monitor their
> environments. By this I'm referring to datacenters, and other equipment.
> Temperature, humidity, airflow, cameras, dry contacts, door sensors, leak
> detection, all that sort of thing.
> I've used Netbotz in the past. Looking to see what else is out there that
> people like.
> Thanks
> E

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