Environmental monitoring options

Jason Antman jantman at oit.rutgers.edu
Tue Sep 27 09:24:03 CDT 2011

eric clark wrote:
> I'd like to ask the list what products people are using to monitor their
> environments. By this I'm referring to datacenters, and other equipment.
> Temperature, humidity, airflow, cameras, dry contacts, door sensors, leak
> detection, all that sort of thing.
> I've used Netbotz in the past. Looking to see what else is out there that
> people like.
> Thanks
> E
Coming from a University environment... data center has all sorts of
different solutions, including some NetBotz. Leak detection and physical
plant/HVAC stuff is mostly "legacy" (bell and flashing lights) in the
Ops room. Latest project has been deploying Websensors
(http://www.eesensors.com/WebsensorEM01B.html) distributed around the
room. We also have a few prototype boards, sort of like a netbotz
without the camera, that were done as a senior project for an EE student
a few years back... actually quite stable and useful.

In smaller TCs/ERs, i.e. anything one room with a few racks, we
generally either have a netbot plus whatever addon for the UPS or, if we
have a services machine deployed there (Linux box for dhcp/dns/remote
access) we use a Dalls One-Wire adapter with some sensors, accessed
through OWFS on that box and monitored in Nagios.

-J. Antman


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