"general badness" AS-based reputation system

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> Subject: "general badness" AS-based reputation system
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> Having run one of these in the past, when take-downs of C&Cs was still 
> semi-useful, my ethos on this is problematic, however, I am as of yet 
> undecided as to this one. An AS-based reputation system for all sorts of 
> badness:
> http://bgpranking.circl.lu/
> In my opinion, third-party security based AS-reputation systems will 
> eventually become de-facto border filtering systems for ISPs, but that 
> day is still not here, as that is still socially unacceptable in our 
> circles, and will remain so until it becomes _necessary_.
> Regardless of my musings of Operators World cultural future, this 
> systems seems rather interesting, and no doubt you'd want to take a look 
> at your listing.
> Gadi.

We tried to outline some of the challenges of building such a system in our NANOG52 presentation:


In particular see slide 4. where we tried to lay down what we think the requirements are for a socially acceptable
reputation system.  

With a bit of luck we might be able to announce the release of our system before the next NANOG mtg, but in 
my opinion collating host reputation reports is just a small and the easiest part of the effort.  The key is in 
solving the challenges of allowing (and incentivizing) participation and being robust to false information

Comments are welcome.


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