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Bill Shetti bill at opensourcerouting.org
Sun Sep 25 22:31:54 UTC 2011

On 9/22/11 11:38 , Charles N Wyble wrote:
>* On 09/22/2011 05:37 AM, Pierce Lynch wrote:*>>* Andreas Echavez [mailto:andreas at livejournalinc.com <https://mailman.nanog.org/mailman/listinfo/nanog>] originally wrote:*>>>* Ultimately, the network is as reliable as you build it. With*>>>* software, it's much cheaper to divide and scale horizontally.*>>>* Hardware devices are expensive and usually horizontal*>>>* scalability never happens. So in reality, an enterprise blows 100k on*>>>* two routers, they both flop because of some "firmware bug", and*>>>* you're down.*>>* With this in mind, I am keen to understand how many implementations of*>>* packages such as Quagga and Zebra that the group use. With the likes*>>* of Vyatta being discussed, I am keen to see if products such as Quagga*>>* as still regularly used as it used to be.*>**>* I think that the original/upstream versions are out of date as compared*>* to the one maintained by Vyatta. Or Google (for their MPLS processing*>* needs). See*>* http://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog50/abstracts.php?pt=MTYzNSZuYW5vZzUw&nm=nanog50*>* <http://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog50/abstracts.php?pt=MTYzNSZuYW5vZzUw&nm=nanog50>*
> We are actively supporting Quagga.  We currently have a git repo at
> code.google.com with some BGP multipath updates, and are working with
> ISC to provide SQA on that branch.  Hopefully more features will be
> forthcoming.  Search quagga-dev if you're interested in more details.
> Vyatta has done a lot of great work on Quagga, as have many others.  It
> would be nice to see all the various useful branches merged into a
> cherry-picked mainline that would simplify the Quagga development
> community's lives considerably.

> -Scott

we [opensourcerouting.org (ISC project)] are working on providing SQA
around Quagga. Our goal is to enable the community to build a more
stable, feature rich version of the quagga baseline.We're providing
testing, release management, and helping develop patches, features

We have started to test quagga's baseline code (99.18) covering

a) compliance (RFCs) and interop (with J and C)

b) scenario/functional/scale/performance testing

c) resilience and security testing

We already found several issues and have started to bug fix with the
community. See the quagga-dev list and bugzilla at quagga.net for
details. Examples - scale limits on BGP, incorrect route calculation,
etc (this is the main branch NOT variants)

In addition, we are also testing other branches and benchmarking them.
Vyatta's code and google's MP updates are some of many variants we are
working with (testing). Over the next few months of testing the
mainline, and variants, we will also work with the community (Vyatta,
google, independent committers, and others) to facilitate a merged
release. We will also test this against different configurations (OSs,
Servers, and switches ;p).

As part of the merge we will also help review and manage code with the
community, leveraging some of the experiences from ISC in bind.

If anyone has used Quagga in their network in any sort of
configuration, or even modified code to improve it, please contact us
(me or info at opensourcerouting.org).

As we are putting together the release and tests for
scenario/functional/scale/perf/etc -  input would be greatly
appreciated. We have a repository also which we can open up for new
code/patches etc, but it needs to also be given to the community.

As I have stated are working with Vyatta (and google, and others not
be mentioned), but more are always welcome.

We will be at Nanog in philly - come find me or one of my team members.



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