BGP visibility for /24 End User Allocation

Eric Germann egermann at
Fri Sep 23 18:29:59 UTC 2011

Long time on-again-off-again lurker.

Looking to multihome in the most efficient mode.

Our two upstreams are AS11530 (Embarq) and AS10796 (Time Warner).  Diverse routed fiber from each at 10Mbps.

Our traffic profile is highly asymmetric as a consumer of bandwidth (12-15Mbps average inbound aggregate, 2-3Mbps aggregate very bursty outbound).

Years ago when I tinkered with BGP there were substantial issues with getting any prefix too small through filters to see the "greater Internet" (IIRC it was a /19 at that time).

Given we really could justify a /24 realistically, what is the current status of filtering in terms of having that /24 get to the "vast majority" of the Internet given the two providers in question?

Thanks for any advice in advance.


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