How to begin making my own ISP?

Don Gould don at
Tue Sep 20 23:55:08 UTC 2011


First I must apologise for not responding, I did see this message and 
did mean to attempt to help you out as I am currently working though 
this exact process in a very small proof of concept network with an even 
smaller budget.

To address our question, a good starting point is a Cisco CCNA.

If you review the list archive for the past month you will find a very 
interesting thread linking to guys who are running massive home networks 
just for their learning, that in turn will link you to detailed public 
CVs showing the sort of stuff that these guys are trained and training in.

You also need some business training to understand how to structure the 
business aspects of your project.  An MBA is a good qualification but 
there are many less high level courses you could look at as well.

NA Nog is an operational list (with a lot of rant and fun stuff) and not 
really a business focused or educational list, so your initial query 
simply ran under the radar.


On 17/09/2011 6:10 a.m., hasserw at wrote:
> No one replied with any useful information. I guess no one wants
> competition on this list? Pretty poor tactic.
> On Sat, 10 Sep 2011 21:55:01 -0400 hasserw at wrote:
>> I want to begin making my own ISP, mainly for high speed servers
>> and such, but also branching out to residential customers. I'm
>> going to be in Germany for the next school year (probably either
>> Frankfurt am Main or Berlin); any suggestions on what sort of
>> classes I can take there that will be in English and will teach me
>> all I need to know on how to build and manage my own ISP, AS, etc?
>> Thanks.

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