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>On Tue, 20 Sep 2011 07:59:00 EDT, harbor235 said:
>> Curious if anyone out there is acting as an independent contractor, 
>> consultant,  or small business, if so do you use professional 
>> liability insurance?

Many clients won't do business with you unless you provide the certificate
indicating you have the appropriate level of coverage.  In the networking
business, this can often be 1 or 2 million dollars.

>I don't consult myself, but is *anybody* crazy enough to do consulting 
>in the litigation-crazy US without carrying errors-and-omissions 
I'm sure there are some people who do, but I'd say they were stupid over


[Ryan Finnesey] At one of the User Groups I run the pizza place needs 6
million dollars in insurance just to make a delivery to the building.


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