Internet mauled by bears

Joel jaeggli joelja at
Tue Sep 20 07:37:55 UTC 2011

On 9/19/11 18:49 , Richard Barnes wrote:
> And if they turn up the voltage on the fence high enough, dinner could be
> cooked by the time the crew gets there!

montana experience says:

cows have rather thick skin, sheep come with insulation, and bison will
go through anything that gets in their way including 3 x 6" diameter
corner posts and 4 strands of barbed and 2 hot wires.

horses on the other hand are pansies.

livestock always ends up on the other side of the fence...

> On Sep 19, 2011 9:34 PM, "Suresh Ramasubramanian" <ops.lists at>
> wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 12:20 AM, John van Oppen
> <jvanoppen at> wrote:
>> We had a cow br...
> Your crews turning up there the next time a cow tries its luck are
> guaranteed a steak dinner then.

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