SDH Fiber Problem

jacob miller mmzinyi at
Mon Sep 19 07:22:34 UTC 2011

I have tried the pings and am able to ping through with a size of 1600 with the df-bit set

without the df-bit am able to get up to 9000.

The switched on bot ends hav been set to allow jumbo frames through and the system MTU size and routing MTU sizes are at 1998.
The switch is a 2960 Cisco switch.

I have set the mtu on the interface on the end router to 1600 and still unable to push meaningful traffic.

jacob Miller

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> I can ping on point to point
> I have BGP up and running
> When I try to pass traffic over the link my clients are unable to pass
> any meanigful traffic asn browsing is impossible.

mtu?  try various size pings.



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