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Charles N Wyble charles at knownelement.com
Mon Sep 19 01:51:15 UTC 2011

On 09/18/2011 08:25 PM, Frank Bulk wrote:
> I understand that tunneling meets the letter of the ARIN policy, but I'll make the bold assumption that wasn't the spirit of the policy when it was written.  Maybe the policy needs to be amended to clarify that.

Well that would be a shame in my opinion. When one is boot strapping a
network, it's very useful to have an ASN/PI space. Especially for v6. If
one starts with a "real" upstream and a multihomed via tunnel, is that
really so bad?

I don't think it is.

I am now very fascinated with the policy around all this. I didn't think
my thread would touch off this passionate discussion. I've only gotten a
few really useful response (from John/Owen/Roland) which come to think
of it, is about what I would expect. I was hoping for more technical
responses. Go gripe on the ARIN lists if you really truly want policy

I greatly appreciate the clarification of policy and relevant docs etc.
Seems really straightforward to me now.

Now let's get back to technical / nuts and bolts discussion of building
an ISP shall we?

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