wet-behind-the-ears whippersnapper seeking advice on building a nationwide network

Benson Schliesser bensons at queuefull.net
Sun Sep 18 19:36:58 UTC 2011

On Sep 18, 2011, at 3:09 PM, Randy Bush wrote:

>> IPv4 trading is already taking place, what are you (as operators)
>> planning to do when asked to route prefixes that have been
>> bought/sold?  Will you accept alternative (whois) registry sources?
> why the heck should i have to?  the iana and the frelling rirs' one
> principal task is to register.  if they do not register transfers then
> what are we all smoking?

I don't disagree...

>  and, as far as i know, they are registering
> transfers from sale of ip assets.

Apparently true for some.  But I'm told of others that have bought legacy IPv4 prefixes with no intention of updating whois at this time - no desire to enter into a relationship with ARIN and be subjected to existing "policy", for instance.  I can't speak for their rationale beyond this.  But I do believe that several of them will try to get their prefix routed, at some point.


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