wet-behind-the-ears whippersnapper seeking advice on building a nationwide network

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Sep 18 14:49:48 UTC 2011

>>>> one to post overly aggressive defensive messages on nanog
>>> I am not convinced that Mr. Bush is best placed to comment on this
>>> particular issue.
>> you seem to have a problem differentiating defense from offense.  i
>> recommend you not play chess.  :)
> Randy is perfectly right in expressing his concerns about the registry
> system that we've built (as long as its on a mailing list which
> supports the topic), since we're doing a function on behalf of the
> entire Internet community and spending everyone's money in the
> process.  While it may not matter to him a bit, I'll defend his (and
> anyone's else right) to critique the quality and cost effectiveness of
> the job we're doing.

thanks.  :)

i suspect some folk may be missing a few clues here.  first is that you
and i have been friends since the late '80s.  second is that i was a
founding board member of arin.  and third, there is the concept of the
loyal opposition.

i just think that we, as a culture, have let things get waaaay out of
whack.  john is paid to defend the status grow.


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