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> From: "Randy Carpenter" <rcarpen at network1.net>

> I have a small ISP customer who is not multi-homed, and is using about
> a /21 and a half of space, and is expanding. Their upstream is
> refusing to give them more space, so they wanted to get their own, and
> give back the space to the upstream, with the possible exception of a
> small block for their servers, which would be very difficult to
> renumber. We explained this all, and the response we got from ARIN was
> that we needed to have a full /20 from the upstream, at which time we
> could easily get a /20 of new space. In order to qualify for the
> immediate need, we would need to show need for the entire /20, of
> which we would need to fully utilize (renumber into) within 30 days.
> That is not even remotely possible.

And worse, it violates best practices[1] rather thoroughly.

-- jra
[1]Never expand to anything smaller than twice what you have now.
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