HP A-series, H3C, Huawei and their capabilities in real-life

Mark Smith markrefresh12 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 08:12:46 UTC 2011

My apologies for using gmail. Company policy prohibits the use of
corporate email and identity.

Nobody has heard nothing? Hear no evil… ;)

What we basically have at this point is vendor specifications, sales
talk and rumors that big boys have built large networks using these
boxes (or predecessors of them, i.e. Huawei) especially in Asia and
former Soviet countries. There are also some western references such
as BT.

With BT the references only mention Huawei, not HP. Does Huawei still
sell (wired) routers under their own brand? Or is the BT reference
network consisting purely of mobile stuff, (UMTS etc) and does not
include traditional wired infrastructure (IP/BGP/MPLS routers)? Or is
the HP's acquisition so new that the references are only mentioning

This resembles detective's work :)

The price of these boxes is quite attractive, but there are lots of
buts. For example, how much do they have in common with Huawei boxes?
Traditionally HP networking gear excluding basic pizzabox switches has
not been very convincing.

Even comment like "they suck, stay away from them" would be very valuable.

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