How to begin making my own ISP?

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>> @ Everyone else: thank you for the useful information. I didn't
>> mean to come off as being bratty with my competition notation, it
>> was meant as a bump to the posting and not an insult at anyone.

> Oldie but goodie:

Whoa. How strange. I actually *own* that book...but then, I'm old, and 
crotchety, and know what ISIS is (yes, I love saying that).

That said, one oh-so-brief word of advice to Mr Hushmail, and it's 
accurate, from YEARS of experience, and will hopefully be taken 
seriously. First step, before you follow any of the others, is to make a 
business model. Second is to find a venture capitalist group, and 
convince them that you have your ducks in a row, and plan to make them 
(and yourself) rich. Otherwise, don't give up your day job.

Not being remotely cruel, here (and I could be, and I'm good at it). If 
you aren't spending someone else's money, you need to have plenty of 
your own, and I'd bet you don't. I suspect you would be shocked at the 
amount of money a startup similar to what you're proposing would take. 
Here's a clue; the number will have at least 7 digits (US Dollars). It's 
always about money. So it goes.

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