How to begin making my own ISP?

hasserw at hasserw at
Fri Sep 16 21:28:13 UTC 2011

On Fri, 16 Sep 2011 16:02:39 -0400 Markus <universe at> 
>Wait a sec :)  So the info I sent you about RIPE and Germany 
wasn't useful to you at all? :(

I didn't receive any such email, sorry. Try resending it if you 
still have it ?

@ Everyone else: thank you for the useful information. I didn't 
mean to come off as being bratty with my competition notation, it 
was meant as a bump to the posting and not an insult at anyone.

More info: yes, I was planning on having some co-lo sort of stuff, 
maybe running a dedicated server provider. However on my own IP 
space, and a good method of getting bandwidth of cheap. Stuff like 
paying 5€/GB makes me feel sick.

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