Summary: US Colo transit pricing

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> My thanks to the folks who took a moment to contribute; the outcome of my
> inquiry was "nah; I guess the price I got quoted really isn't all that bad,
> given the quality of the datacenter involved (which is quite nicely done).

And the fact that they don't charge cross connect fees; I just got back from
touring Equinix/S&D.  Plant's nice enough, especially if you need -48v...

but the cross-connect charges definitely put you in the "are you shopping
the right category of data center" picture: $500 setup, $225 for coax/325 for
fiber.  For an empty cable.  Yeah, I know, I know; being surprised at the
magnitude of that means this really is my first rodeo.  It had to happen
some time.  :-)

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