Disappointing ARIN - A great advertisement for the USA ?

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Fri Sep 16 15:44:58 UTC 2011

On Sep 16, 2011, at 10:40 AM, Randy Bush wrote:

>> One approach would be the use of an option flag on the query to obtain 
>> the new hierarchical output  No flag = no output change.  Would that 
>> suffice?
> how to do something new is best discussed by folk who want or need
> something new, the folk with skin in the game.  so, though i have an
> opinion that your suggestion seems reasonable at first blush, it is
> worth the pixels on which it is printed.
> what i care about is pola.  please do not change what works and which a
> lot of fingers and scripts rely.

Randy - 
  Can you expand your response some?  I'm not certain I understand
  whether an option would suffice, nor the pola reference. I do get
  that we shouldn't be changing default output upon which scripts


John Curran
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