routing issue for verizon dsl customers in western massachusetts

Brian Gold bgold at
Thu Sep 15 19:34:27 UTC 2011

Hello all, I posted this to the tech at lopsa mailing list and was advised to
repost it here. If anyone can help, I would be very happy to avoid having to
deal with hours more of Verizon level 1 tech support.


Over the past week, we've discovered that there is an issue with the way
some Verizon DSL customers are being routed in Western Massachusetts that is
preventing them from reaching my employers public IPs. The problem is only
limited to Verizon DSL customers, everyone else can reach these IP addresses
just fine. After many hours on the phone with Verizon tech support, I
finally managed to get myself and one of my coworker's home dsl connections
switched from a "redback router" to a "juniper router" which resolved the
issue, but only for us. I was told that everyone else in the area that is
being affected by the issue have to individually call Verizon tech support,
go through the same multi-hour troubleshooting steps, and if the technician
is bright enough to recognize what is going on, get their issue escalated up
to the central office where (in 2-4 business days) they will be switched
over to the juniper router. Obviously, this is not the ideal solution. I'd
really like to make the higher ups at Verizon aware of this issue and come
up with a solution for all of the affected customers, but because I only
have a residential account and my employer doesn't use Verizon, I've been
stymied in all of my attempts so far. Does anyone here have any contacts at
Verizon that I could get in touch with?

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