Jima nanog at jima.tk
Thu Sep 15 18:23:07 UTC 2011

> Once upon a time, Jima <nanog at jima.tk> said:
>> On Thu, 15 Sep 2011, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> > I was at Valley Fair mall the other day. Micr0$0ft is apparently
>> building
>> > a
>> > new store directly across from the Apple store there.
>>  It's funny; they did the exact same thing at Mall of America maybe a
>> year
>> ago.  I guess your report confirms it was a strategy, rather than a
>> really absurd coincidence.
> They could be following the (possibly urban legend) Burger King model.
> Supposedly, McDonald's would spend a bunch of time and money doing
> market research, surveys, and such before placing a new restaurant.
> Burger King would wait for McDonald's to spend the time and money, and
> then open a new restaurant across the street.

 Oh, wow; been a few years since I heard that one.  I'll admit, it seems
at least remotely viable.

 No, in the MoA case I'd say it's more about obvious, direct competition;
of all the (according to the site) 4.3 miles of potential storefront at
Mall of America, Microsoft chose *directly across the hallway* from the
long-standing Apple Store.  (Okay, that might be hyperbole -- it may have
been a shop or two down, as well; I forget.)


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