Open Letters to Sixxs

Mike Jones mike at
Thu Sep 15 14:58:38 UTC 2011

On 15 September 2011 15:12, Meftah Tayeb <tayeb.meftah at> wrote:
> ok, that's a positive answer.
> but let me ask you a question:
> do HE.NET peer with cogent? level3?

  4   189 ms   134 ms    99 ms
  5   131 ms   152 ms   111 ms  2001:470:0:202::2
  6   144 ms   147 ms   238 ms  2001:1900:19:7::4
  7   132 ms   241 ms   143 ms
[Jitter is my cable connection, not reflective of the performance of
HEs network]

As for cogent - Does anyone really care? this is only a problem for
reaching a single homed network behind cogent, and anyone running such
a network knows that their IPv6 connectivity doesn't work properly
anyway and they are the broken ones.

Whatever you think of the issues surrounding the peering dispute (I am
sure at least comcast agree with cogent that a Tier 1 network should
pay what is essentially a Tier 2 network for peering!), the fact
remains that HE did get there first with their defacto tier 1 status,
and for the time being at least "working IPv6" is realistically
"working IPv6 connection to HE and peers".

The more users/content that is behind HE and peers that is not
reachable from cogent the better, as it puts more pressure on them to
start behaving themselves and peering properly like everyone else.

- Mike

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