Open Letters to Sixxs

Meftah Tayeb tayeb.meftah at
Thu Sep 15 14:02:31 UTC 2011

Hello People

i have one question:

why SIXXS is very strict like that ?

forcing a special address format is a idiotic work

everyone have a format of address

everyone have his way of saying address

every country have there language.

there's bilion of address definition at this time.

signed up for Sixxs for 2 times and resulted in a refuse because of bad address

Sixxs, please would you revise your requiremant ?

Emailed you for one month and still have no reply ?

did you has a coppy of my passport ?

did you saw my identity card ?

have you called me ?

anyway, i have realy not seen any Strict service like you, SIXXS.

i can evean pay for your service, if you wish.

just fix your policy and by nice with people like everyone is.

Thank you.

    Meftah Tayeb
IT Consulting 
phone: +21321656139
Mobile: +213660347746

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