Summary: US Colo transit pricing

Jay Ashworth jra at
Wed Sep 14 22:37:57 UTC 2011

My apologies; I was just too damned tired to do this last night, by which
time I had gotten my answer: $17 for a 5 way blend based on L3 and GBLX, in 
Tampa, isn't really all that bad. (100mbs commit; GigE fiber redundant)

City      Pipe        Commit        Carrier(s)         $/mbs
various   1G+         unk           Cogent/HE          <1
various   1G          1G            HE                 1 for 3yr cont.
various   1G+         unk           carriers not spec  2-3
multi     10G/agg     10G           carrier not spec   3
various   unk         1G            carrier not spec   3-20[1]
LAmetro   4x1G        250-500M      carriers not spec  <5
NYC/colo  1G          500M          carrier not spec   5
var/colo  1G          100-1G        blend not spec     15-20 down to 8
Portland  1G          100M          AboveNet           9
various   unk         700Magg       Internap           9
var/colo  unk         unk           blend not spec.    10
various   unk         50-100M       carriers not spec  20-10
unk/colo  1G          150Magg       Tier2 not spec     15 renego from *50*
SF/colo   unk         "small"       carriers not spec  45

Those are sorted in ascending order by the lowest rate quoted; where
I could discern that it was for colo delivery, I've said so.  Some commits
(and hence rates) were aggregated over pipes or sites; if it was clear that
the price applied to multiple quotes or blended bandwidth I've noted that

My thanks to the folks who took a moment to contribute; the outcome of my 
inquiry was "nah; I guess the price I got quoted really isn't all that bad,
given the quality of the datacenter involved (which is quite nicely done).

-- jra

[1]"depending on how many beers we'd had together at NANOG meetings"
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