Soliciting your opinions on routing research: A routing policies survey

Sharon Goldberg goldbe at
Tue Sep 13 14:45:33 UTC 2011


27 ops have already responded to our routing policies survey; we're
hoping to gather more responses before the week is over.  We're
collecting information about how you configure routing policies in
your network to improve the models we use in our research on routing
and security.  We'll also share the aggregated results with the NANOG

The survey is anonymous and should take under 5 minutes to complete.
Feel free to answer all our questions, or just a few:

We’d also be grateful if you could forward the survey to ops at other
organizations who may not be reading NANOG. Thanks all of you that
have responded so far!

Phillipa Gill (U of Toronto), Michael Schapira (Princeton), Sharon
Goldberg (Boston University)

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