vyatta for bgp

Alain Hebert ahebert at pubnix.net
Tue Sep 13 10:36:51 UTC 2011


     In the past, I helped a few small ISP (sub 1Gbps) with software 
routers setup like Vyatta (Well FreeBSD/64 + Quagga really).

     Until recently the hardware required to run over 500Mbps + could be 
as pricey as a pair recycle Cisco 7206VXR since most MBs where coming 
with only 1 PCI busses which could kills the BW+PPS depending on the 
amount of interfaces you use.

     Now-a-days MBs with more than 1 PCI bus have become cheaper and 
shouldn't be a problem.

Its all in the setup anyway:

     2 servers ($3k each with 4 interface).
     Split your uplink on each router.
     1 link for "client-reflector" | OSPF | <whatever you like> between 
the router.
     VRRP back-end.

     PS: Sub 10Gbps, any DDoS will kill the link before killing those 
routers, but there is solutions to this which is hella-easy to deal with 
in this situation.

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On 09/12/11 14:42, Ben Albee wrote:
> Does anybody currently use vyatta as a bgp router for their company? If
> so have you ran into any problems with using that instead of a cisco or
> juniper router?

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