vyatta for bgp

Everton Marques everton.marques at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 20:43:44 UTC 2011

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 5:12 PM, Dobbins, Roland <rdobbins at arbor.net> wrote:
> On Sep 13, 2011, at 2:45 AM, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> In your typical enterprise environment, a 1G DoS will zorch the link long before it zorches the router at the enterprise side.
> This contradicts my experience - I've repeatedly witnessed only a few mb/sec of 64-byte packets making software-based routers fall over, including just last month.

Would Cisco ISR G2 3925E classify as software-based router?
Expected NDR performance is about 1845 pps (64-byte packets).
That should deliver room for some 100s of Mbps.
Do you expect it to bend itself down under a few Mbps of 64-byte packets?



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