NAT444 or ?

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Sun Sep 11 09:02:22 UTC 2011

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> From: Cameron Byrne [mailto:cb.list6 at]
> Ip mobility via gtp or mobile ip generally does not work when you nat
> at the
> 'edge'.  If you don't want your ip address to change every time you
> change
> cell sites, the nat has to be centralized.
> Cb

Indeed, networks with some kind of anchor point (even xDSL networks with a LNS that terminates PPP sessions) really lend themselves to a big fat NAT box simply because there is a single point where all the connections appear anyway so why not have a single box doing NAT/DPI/etc as well?

I'd agree that, usually, distributed is better but these are not distributed networks, there is a single point (or a few large single points) of contact.


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