NAT444 or ?

Mark Tinka mtinka at
Sat Sep 10 05:46:30 UTC 2011

On Thursday, September 08, 2011 01:41:58 PM Seth Mos wrote:

> The striking thing I picked up is that NTT considers the
> CGN equipment a big black hole where money goes into.
> Because it won't solve their problem now or in the
> future and it becomes effectively a piece of equipment
> they need to buy and then scrap "soon" after.
> They acknowledge the need, but they'd rather not buy one.
> That and they (the isp) get called for anything which
> doesn't work.

In spending millions of hard-earned $$ toward vendors, NTT 
might not be alone in this realization.

However, in acknowledging that it's an endless blackhole 
where you won't see money necessarily coming back relative 
to the amount being put in, they may just part of a small 
handful of folk, sadly.

GPRS/3G/EDGE has made many a mobile provider especially 

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